Rejuvenate your body and soul each morning with yoga at the beach, at the new Treescape Pavilion.

       My name is Sita. I have been a yoga practioner for more 18 years and sharing my experience of yoga in many of its various forms with students for over 15 years.

       My teaching styles for asana orginates from many years of study and training with many master around world in Asia, U.S.A and Europe. I work deeply infuenced Ashtanga Vinyasa.

My focus of teaching including ways of begining more awareness to what is happening inside us as we proctice, which encourage the body to unravel into yoga positions from within rather than having to be pushed or pulled into them from without.

      Therefore the body creates least tension and effort.


Yoga profile : 

TTC  Hot Yoga @Absolute yoga studio.

TTC Ashtanga Vinyasa @ Nirvana yoga shala, Mysore , India.

TTC  Ashtanga Vinyasa @ Yoga Darshanam ,Mysore, India.

 Certificate of Completion Ashtanga Vinyasa series ,Indea Yoga , Mysore India.


Teaching Profile :

Hatha, hot yoga, Pilates, Yin @ Absolute yoga studio (8 years)


Personal teacher @ Pimalai Resort &Spa (10 years)

Personal teacher @layana Resort & Spa (6 years)

Regular class @Sri lanta (5 years)

Baan Manao , old town , present