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Long Beach Chalet is a boutique resort nestled on long beach, Koh Lanta, in an area of outstanding natural beauty with pristine turquoise waters and lush tropical gardens. Our 48 units comprising of chalets and pavilion rooms will take you a few steps closer to nature with unique style while providing you with all the comfort and convenience of modern amenities.
Opened in 2010, the hotel is managed by B.P Lanta Resort Ltd. and is highly experienced in hotels and hospitality.We 
are highly passionate about what we do and guest satisfaction is always our priority.
Due to increasing differences between our newer rooms along the beach and the older garden zone, our older garden zone will branch off (in 2024) into a separate hotel named "Garden Chalets, Koh Lanta". The Garden Chalets will still be run by the same team and guests will still be able to enjoy the beach and the facilities of Long Beach Chalet. Breakfast for both hotels will be served at Escape Cafe at the beach.


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